Agrix Advisors proposes a proactive research driven approach. This entails a thorough review of a market or sector to identify the principal players and ascertain their relative strengths and weaknesses. In itself this research comprises useful market intelligence, but above all provides a means to test the rationale of an acquisition strategy and identify the most attractive potential partners.

After the initial research a short-list is drawn up and selected companies are approached. Agrix Advisors will assist in all stages through negotiations to a successful closing.

Being proactive offers several advantages over the more usual opportunistic reactive approach:

  • Targets not yet known to be for sale can be identified
  • Decisions are made on a more informed basis
  • The pressures of an auction process are avoided
  • There is more opportunity for the purchaser to sell the logic of a "tie-up" to the target
  • Improved knowledge of the market better equips the purchaser to react opportunistically


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